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Art Education Program

Project: Children for the Arts: Creative Weekends


In February 2008, the INEC Caribbean and Latin American Institute initiated educationalactivities in schools and after school programs, conducting lectures and interactive exhibits designed to improve the knowledge in the field of arts for participating children.

Feedback from teachers, parents, and the children themselves, revealed to us that they feel a great need for an arts program to further develop their physical, emotional, and intellectual skills. Some of the different activities they referred to as necessary include music, dance, drawing and painting, and creative writing. For that reason, INEC decided to create an Art Education Program especially aimed at exposing children to the practice of the arts.


The objective of this project is: To awaken the skills and abilities of children in the Highbridge community in the field of fine arts, particularly music, dance, drawing and painting, and creative writing.


This project will help children from poor families of the South Bronx enter into the wonderful world of the arts and thereby lead to an improvement of their quality of life. These children come from families with limited resources and are socially vulnerable. They are often living at risk making peaceful social integration difficult, and therefore are at a high risk to fall prey to the temptation of crime. Many live a life of deprivation, often with multiple familial and social difficulties which too frequently ends with them throwing themselves into the dark world of crime or out of school, and in the case of females, pregnancy at an early age when they are not yet prepared to become mothers.

This project will help children to be creative in expressing their ideas and emotions, preparing them to choose the right path in life, cultivating arts instead of vices. In this way, children will be in a better position to successfully face the challenges and opportunities presented by the complex life that we live in the modern world.

At INEC we want to help turn the Bronx into a pleasant place to live, which is why we are committed to the future of the children living in this area.

This project strives to improve the quality of life of the children in the Highbridge community, helping them to focus on their own way of being, thinking and acting. By awakening their artistic creativity, the children will be able to think and believe in a positive future and be ready to take advantage of various opportunities. The project aims to immerse them in activities in the fine arts such as music, physical expression through dance, creative writing, drawing and painting.  With their minds infused with creative ideas, their emotions will find appropriate channels of expression and their talents will be encouraged and developed, giving birth to new and young artists.

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